Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A New Rule In Basketball

A new rule has come about in the world of basketball, that affects what happens when a player is shooting a free throw. The people lined up on either side of the key can now leave when the ball is released from the shooters hands. Before you couldn’t leave until the ball hit the rim. But now everyone but the shooter can leave early. I feel that that gives an unfair advantage to the team who is not shooting the free throw. I believe that the shooter should be able to leave when the ball is released from their hands, so that way it's not four on two for the rebound.

The rule was set into place so that the teams could get into the boxing out position before the ball hit the rim and bounced off. They said that it gives both of the teams a better chance to get the rebound. But in all reality it doesn't give the team who is shooting the free throw any advantage. It gives less time for the shooter to get into position, and that team is already at a disadvantage due to that there is only three of them versus the four from the other team.

I feel that to make this a completely fair rule everyone should be aloud to go when the ball releases the shooters hands, as to make it fair for everyone. If the people who set the rule in place are afraid that it would cause to many line violations they shouldn’t have changed the rule to begin with. I believe that the shooter should be allowed to leave when the ball releases their hands so that it doesn’t give an unfair advantage to the other team.

I can see why they changed the rule because with the old rule there were many line violations. But with the new rule I feel that there is just as much because the shooter tends to leave a tad early because everyone else is doing the same thing. So, I think they either need to go back to the old rule or they need to change it to where the shooter can leave when the ball releases their hands just as everyone else can.  

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  1. That is very interesting, totally changes everything at the free throw line