Friday, October 28, 2016

How Well Do You Know Basketball: An Exclusive Interview With Kenny Parker

By: Becca Parker
Kenny Parker, who also happens to be my father, is very knowledgeable on the subject of basketball. He himself played all throughout childhood, high school, and college. He played at Cuddeback Elementary, Fortuna High, College of the Redwoods, and Humboldt State. Throughout his career he won many awards, he won four HDN all county stars in basketball, and seven all together. While in college he was all conference player of the year two years in a row. He now resides in the Fortuna High School Hall of Fame, as well as the College of the Redwoods. There was various questions asked in the interview earlier this week.

How long have you coached Women's basketball?
Parker said, “I have coached basketball in general for 25 years.” I have coached on the Women’s side for about 12 of those 25 years. I coached at Rio Dell Elementary, Fortuna Middle, Ferndale High, St. Bernard’s, and Fortuna High.
Did you enjoy coaching Women’s or Men’s more?
“Both were very fun to coach.” Parker said, “ Men just like to get in and get physical in a way that some women won’t, but on the other hand women can get just as physical.” One reason that Parker said that Women’s basketball may have been his favorite is because they play with more finesse than the men do. Parker said, “ I would have to say I enjoyed Women’s basketball more.”

In general what is your favorite aspect of the game?
“My favorite part of the game is watching some drive to the bucket and either pull up and take a short jumper, or go all the way,” said Parker.

Do you enjoy watching Women’s basketball?
I very much so enjoy watching women’s basketball. It always looks like they are having so much fun when they are out on the court playing.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Injury Prevention

Last year in my advanced conditioning class I learned how to prevent knee injuries and strengthen our bodies in healthy ways, which made me think of women's basketball. They made me think of each other because in order to play basketball you have to be strong and healthy; your body gets pretty beat up throughout the season.

ACL tears are one of the most common injuries in female athletes, and female basketball players, in particular. Advanced conditioning can help you to prevent those unwanted knee problems, and with all the cutting and jumping you do in basketball you need to have strong and knees so that your knees can take all the sharp cuts and the landing on the wood floors.

You also need to be well conditioned so that you have the stamina to play an entire basketball game and in that class you do a lot of exercises and cardio workouts which really helps with your stamina and your endurance. The class gets you prepared to be able to run up and down the court for as long as you need.

Also, in that class you work out your arms, a big part of basketball, without them you wouldn’t be able to dribble and shoot the ball. It helps you to strengthen your arms which will help you get the ball to the basket.

It can also help with your jumping which you should be able to do if you are a basketball player. The box jumps that you do in that class will tremendously help you with rebounding and even with your layups. There are lots of injuries in women's basketball, so advanced conditioning teaches injury prevention.  

The Road to Recovery

In the summer of 2016 the Bonham High School  AAU team was in Sacramento. They were playing at the Hardwood Palace at 4:30 P.M. It was the first game of the tournament. The games were running a little behind schedule so the team only had 4 minutes to warm up. The starters took the court, they were Sophia, Emma, Isabella, Lily, and Zoe.

The team took the court despite the nerves they had since it was the first game of the tournament and of their AAU season. The ref threw the ball up and Bonham won the tip, Zoe got the ball and drove it in to get the first two points of the game up on the board for Bonham. The team went down and played defense, resulting in the other team turning the ball over and Zoe getting the long pass from Sophia and scoring two more points for Bonham. The other team's coach called a timeout because his team was beginning to get frustrated. The two teams took the court once again.

It was the other team's ball and they finally scored their first two points. Bonham got the ball and Sophia brought it up the court. When she passed the half court line she passed the ball to Zoe. Zoe started to drive to the basket and do a Euro Step when she fell to the ground and let out two high pitch screams. That is when her team mates knew that she was hurt.

The coach ran out onto the court along with Zoe’s older sister. Usually they wouldn’t have went out if Zoe had got hurt because she usually did not scream and would just get right back up. When they got out to Zoe she wasn’t talking, crying, or even making any noise. She was just sitting on the court holding her bent knee, she couldn’t straighten it out. When they asked Zoe what happened she told them that she thought she had dislocated her knee because she felt it pop out and then back in. They let her sit on the floor for a minute so that she could slowly get her leg to straighten back out. Once she got it straight again her coach and her sister helped her stand up. They told her to hold on to them and to put pressure on her foot to see if it would hurt. Zoe put her foot on the ground to take the first step and immediately started to cry, it was the most painful thing ever. When they finally got her over to the bench they elevated her leg and put ice on it. She told them that it hurt a little but it was burning terribly. She looked at her sister who was a nurse after she told her what it felt like and she could tell by the look on her face that it was not a good sign. About 10 minutes later all the pain and burning went away and Zoe wanted to go back in the game. Her coach immediately told her no, which made her think she had really done something bad.

About one week later Zoe went to get an MRI of her knee just to be sure that nothing was wrong. She was doing everything she had done before she got hurt, but her parents just wanted to be sure that she wasn’t hurt and that the pain hadn’t just gone away. On July 28th Zoe went to Redding where she had her MRI. 11 hours later Zoe got the worst news that she could ever have gotten. She had torn her ACL completely so much so that it had disintegrated, she had torn her meniscus completely, and she had fractured and dented her Femur. It took Zoe about 15 minutes of crying to realize that she just wanted to get the surgery and get back out on the basketball court as soon as she could.

On July 29th Zoe went to UCSF to meet with the surgeon who was going to do her surgery for the consultation. When the surgeon got into the room she checked out Zoe’s knee. She said she had know idea how Zoe had no pain and was hiking the day before she had went down their. The surgeon said it is one of the worst ACL, Meniscus tears that she had seen. She left the room to go and see when she could do the surgery because she was leaving for the Rio Olympics on August 2nd. She told us before she left the room to check that she probably wouldn’t be able to do it until she got back. But she came back with the best news. She told Zoe and her family that on August 1st she would open up a spot just to do Zoe’s surgery. That was the best news Zoe had got in a while.

On August 1st at 7 A.M. Zoe got to the hospital and was being prepped for surgery. At 9 A.M. Zoe was wheeled back for surgery. And at 12 noon, Zoe was wheeled into recovery. At 12:15 Zoe woke up from surgery and the nurse told her that she would have to wait an hour to see her parents, and when her parents got back there she was so happy to see them. She was still groggy though from the anesthesia.

Zoe now is on the road to recovery and is 3 months out of surgery and is doing great.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Is This Jungle Ball?

Basketball Joke: Why can't you play basketball in the jungle?
Answer: Because of all the cheetahs!

Women's Basketball With a Purpose

Women’s basketball has never got a fair shake, what I mean by that is that people are always talking down on women’s basketball. They say things like women aren’t good enough to have a professional team and it's boring to watch . When in reality they are good enough and they are fun to watch.

When people say that women aren’t good enough to have a professional team, they obviously have never watched a women’s professional basketball game. The players are very good and very dedicated to their sports. They put in just as much time as the men’s teams and they deserve the recognition that the men’s team get. Women can be just as good at a sport as a male athlete. They may play it a little bit different and maybe not as physical, but in reality it is the same game just played by different gender of athlete. When people say that women aren’t good enough just take a look at Brittney Griner, you can’t tell me she isn’t good and that she doesn’t deserve to be able to play a professional sport.

Women’s basketball is not boring, it is far from that. It may not be as fast paced or as physical, but to me and other people it is a fun game to watch. They play a more structured game and I feel that by people watching women’s basketball they can actually get to learn the game because they can actually tell what is going on. Women’s basketball may not get publicized a lot or even talked about a lot, but it is a sport and a fun sport at that. I think that instead of people talking down on women’s basketball and not watching it, that they should take a minute and actually watch and game and I believe that they will find out that it is not as boring as the might think that it is.